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Team Cymru Hackbook

Our latest community service tool, Team Cymru Hackbook

Marcel van den BergMarcel van den Berg

Team Cymru is proud to announce our latest community service tool, Team Cymru Hackbook, https://hackbook.team-cymru.org. This service allows users to gain insight on malicious activity statistics per country and compare individual ranking with neighboring countries.


The malicious activity ranking is based on IP addresses that have been part of a botnet, detected as trying to bruteforce a site, seen as an abused proxy or might even have popped up as probing one of our darknet experiments. The numbers are based on what we see, other folks see a slightly different perspective of malicious activity on the Internet. However, the general trends and relative standings ought to be broadly similar.

The new service provides comparison of countries, as well as regions and organizations like NATO, G8, Europe, North America, ARIN and RIPE. Added to our new services are general numbers on IP addresses assigned and actually advertised.

Please feel free to reach out to us at outreach@cymru.com if you have any comments or questions. We plan to improve this tool as we hear new suggestions and feedback.