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Should you be able to see how many views your Facebook posts get?


There’s nothing more meta than a trending article on Facebook about a bug in…you guessed it…Facebook, that allows some users to know the number of people who read their posts.

Then again, according to the snark on Reddit, this bug also tells how few users actually care about their friends’ Facebook posts!

All joking aside, the average Facebook user likely has no sense of the popularity of their content beyond how many likes or comments it gets, leaving some users to threaten their friends that they will leave Facebook if they do not get more attention.

This is totally unfair of course. The Book-of-Faces does not show content in real time, but instead curates the feed based on your interests. People aren’t seeing your posts because something is wrong with you, but because the Powers That Be have decided that your friends are interested in other content (including a healthy dose of paid content).

It’s probably a good thing that the everyday user of Facebook cannot see the number of views their posts get. We could easily see a plethora of scams that could come out promising to increase the number of engagements people will get with their friends if only they will download a harmless, free plugin. Of course, there are plenty of scam services that promise companies 10,000 Facebook likes for a small fee, but the ability to compromise someone’s system while playing on their fear of social isolation is incredible.

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